Monday, September 30, 2013

Seaside fun in Appledore

My apologies for being off the radar again this week, we took a little break and went off to Appledore, a lovely little fishing Village on the river Torridge, to catch the last bit of Summer! We had a wonderful time and found it to be a fantastic place for educational adventures - I thought I'd share some of our best 'Seaside' moments.

On our side of the river there was a fantastic spot for crabbing, a very popular activity for Appledore visitors it would seem, so we tried our hands at catching a few little fellas ourselves. We weren't all that good at it, it has to be said, but it was great fun for all of us, sat on the edge of the runway with a bucket, line dangling and nets at the ready.

We managed to get lots of crabs onto our nets but the little rascals fell back in before we could bring them up. A few other people were crabbing near by and they were having more luck than us but kindly put their crabs in our bucket for the children to look at. Eventually The Mr manged to net a crab of our own so we had 4 crabs in the bucket!

The children were fascinated by the funny little creatures and even stroked the head of one after inspecting its body and legs with great interest.

When the tide had gone out there were plenty of pools on the beach to search for little fish, shells and Little Miss liked to hunt Lugworm, we laughed a lot at her shouting out "Daddy, I have my stick and I can find a Yugworm" heehee so cute!

We spent a lot of time looking at the different creatures around the beach and The Little People were soon able to easily identify the pea crab, lugworm, cockles and muscles.

The other side of the river is Instow and a lovely little beach, one day we hopped on the passenger ferry for a walk around Instow. It was warm enough but not sunny so we hadn't planned on more than a stroll on the beach but the Little People, having never been on a proper sandy beach before, had other ideas! 

I rolled up my jeans and took them down for a paddle in the sea (their first time and something on my Day Zero list!) and once they had their toes in the water they didn't want to get out, in fact they went further and further in until they were waist high - fully clothed of course!

They had great fun splashing in the water (which was much clearer than it appears on these pics - that's sand you can see not mud!!) and digging holes and generally getting very wet and sandy! Such good fun but I was regretting my choice to bring no spare clothes and thankful that the weather was still warm enough for them to not freeze on the journey back.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays CornwallThey absolutely loved it and now I can't wait to book us another holiday there in the spring so we can have some more beach fun.

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