Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Mini canvas fingerprint art

Yesterday the Little People and I got busy making Christmas pressies (Oh come on, it's not long now squeeee) and I thought I'd share these little beauties!

Adorable or what?? 

You can buy mini canvases and easels in places like The Range & The Works for a couple of  £'s and I picked up a few a while back with Christmas pressies in mind. I hope I'm not in the minority in thinking they would be the kind of gifts relatives will treasure?

We used water colours (easy to wipe off if they make a mistake or want to start again) and fingers to create these beauties!

I asked what they would like to paint and it was a unanimous "pretty flower" so flower it was. Little Mr asked me how to do a flower painting so I told them both to put "sky colour" on their fingers and dab along the top half of theie canvas.

Next we did the flower, again the chose the colour they wanted and did a circle of colour for the petals and a different colour in the centre and lastly the grass and flower stem.

Little Miss wanted to do a 2nd painting and this time chose to paint the sun!

So simple to do but I think the easel makes it look so cute - perfect little pressie for relatives!

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