Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Little People Make: Bead bracelets

This year we are trying to make as many Christmas presents as possible, for many reasons; we are on a budget so big expensive gifts, that may or may not be wanted after all, are off the cards, The Little People and I love doing craft together, it's something we really enjoy doing when we are spending quality time together, I personally think that home made gifts are the best type, and lastly, I love Christmas and think it is a shame when all Christmas means is money. I want to make Christmas for us more special than that so being able to make gifts together is all part of the magic for me.

Last week, while The Little People & I had an afternoon at home, I asked them if they fancied doing some making and of course they said "Yes!". I used to make jewellery as little gifts (before life got so hectic) so I got out a bag of beads, bead board and a few (child safe) tools. The children chose a small bag of mixed pink beads, some white/ cream beads and a few charms and they set to work!

I showed them how to set the beads out on the board and asked them who they would like to make a present for (they told me but I can't reveal the lucky recipient here yet) I then asked did they want to make a necklace or bracelet & they decided on a bracelet then set to work laying out the beads.
Little Miss checking out the beads
Little Miss was fascinated by the pretty beads and spent a long time choosing the ones she liked the best and we had a little chat about how she wanted to arrange the beads and I asked if she wanted it to be the same both sides (since we were using the board to arrange them) and she said "of course" so I got her to put down the beads she wanted then helped her arrange the matching beads on the other side.

Next came threading! Because I wanted them to be able to do as much of the making as possible I chose to use elastic to thread the beads onto rather than wire or anything that would require me to take over their project, as it happens the person they chose to make it for will likely be glad that there are no fiddly fastenings to worry about.

I was really impressed with how patient Little Miss was with threading the beads, she dropped a few but didn't give up. I helped her by holding the elastic thread steady while she beaded.

I knotted the thread together several times and melted the thread ends to prevent it coming undone and there was our beaded bracelet all finished - complete with a "made with love" charm, and it certainly was!

Cute bead bracelet all finished
Later on in the afternoon we had a rummage in the craft cupboard and pulled out paper mache gift boxes and decoupage paper and covered the star shaped box with paper & PVA glue, with a little spread of gold glitter glue on the lid to add to the festive effect. With some pretty tissue paper this will be a lovely gift that has meaning, and the box can be re-used for trinkets.

I'm really pleased how well this gift has turned out and am looking forward to making more and assisting the kids with their Christmas makes.

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