Friday, November 15, 2013

Handprint Birthday cake card

We have been trying our best to make as many gifts and cards as possible this year - the personal touch is the best right? This is a card that I think looks awesome and was very easy to do, Little Mr did this himself, it was that easy!

First up I got him to choose the colours he wanted to use, painting his palm one colour and fingers the other colour.

Hand straight down onto the card (we used pre folded cards that I bought from Amazon in a pack off 100 but you can just as easy use card you have at home and fold as you wish.

The next bit is optional but we were really excited about it - glow in the dark flames!! You can pick up glow in the dark paint at ELC and I'm sure most other places that sell kids craft supplies, we went for the old 'dip your finger in and make something vaguely flame shaped' method and it looked fab!

As I finishing touch Little Mr picked some washi tape (we LOVE washi tape sooo much!) that he liked and used it to make a decorative border, added some glitter glue to the 'icing' and drew a light outline around the flames and cake.

It looks cute and handmade without being naff doesn't it?

And the flames glow in the dark - how cool?  We were all really impressed with this one so I'll warn anyone who knows us that you will probably get one of these at your next birthday ;)

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