Friday, November 01, 2013

Make, play & learn: Flags

This afternoon the children and I were at home, avoiding the cold, wet outdoors, so we thought we would get started on our geography project.

They have showed an interest recently in different languages and cultures so it seemed the right time to get started but since they are still rather young I wanted to start with something easy but useful & fun to learn together. Flags!

I must admit I am not at all good at geography, it was never a fun subject at school, I always got lumbered with the strict, boring geography teachers and it the sight of it in my school planner was enough to make me feel ill. I had a quick look online at some basic flags we grabbed some sheets of A3 card, felt pens, scissors and some slim lolly sticks and drew the flag outlines, which the kids and I then coloured in (mostly inside the lines).
Little Miss colouring the Scottish Flag
  We used PVA glue to stick the lolly sticks to the flags.

We made 7 flags, UK, Scotland, England, France, Germany, Japan & Canada.

Next we laid them on the floor and went through them a few times together. I was amazed how quickly they picked up which flag was for which country. I wrote out the country names so we could play about and match them up some times too.

Simple, fun to make and great for learning. We will be making more flags soon and I'm sure both the children and I will be off to a good start with our geography ;)

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