Saturday, November 02, 2013

More Playdough fun (and a new recipe!)

The colder weather is well and truely upon us. Cold, wet, windy British weather.... Not quite so much fun to be out and about in but perfect for trying out new indoor games, crafts and fun.

You may remember I posted a recipe a while back for  edible chocolate playdough, which was good fun and involved no cooking so was something the children could help with in a safe way.

This week we tried out something different and I must say the texture and feel turned  out just like the proper stuff! Amazing! the only thing it didn't quite have was the scrummy play doh smell. Any idea how you get that?!

Anyway the recipe is simple, but you do have to use the hob so obvious precautions need to be made, you'll most likely have all of the few ingredients needed to make the sough this way and it is much cheaper than the real stuff.

1 cup flour
1 cup water
1/3 cup salt
1tbsp vegetable oil
Food colouring/ scent/ glitter as desired

You basically want to throw all the ingredients into a pan, pop it on a low heat and just keep stirring (very important you do this or it will burn) until it thickens. The batches I made this week I had to stir for almost 5 minutes before it began thickening up, enough to stick to the spoon, then I kept going a few minutes more until it wasn't liquidy at all and was able to ball up.

Getting thicker! Excuse the pic quality, it was taken by a 3yr old ;)

At this stage take it off the heat and pop it onto a plate to cool for around 20/30 minutes then give it a good knead through. You should be able to tell by this point that it is 'cooked' enough, then you can play to your hearts content!  See, really easy. No excuse to not make up a batch for the rainy days!

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