Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Sorry you're leaving" gift made with incomplete jigsaw

This week one of the staff members where the Little People go to nursery, was leaving. They wanted to make her some presents to show her that they would miss her (aww). We had been trying to think of things that would be suitable and easy enough for them to make themselves (with help where needed of course). One afternoon we were going through the jigsaw puzzles and putting them together to make sure we had all the pieces, of course half of the puzzles had bits missing.

Little Miss said "aww the other bits will be missing the lost bits" and there was the first idea! We chose a pretty Disney Princess puzzle that had a couple of missing pieces, it was sadly apt as the staff member happened to be one of their favourites and I had been told several times that "D" is like a princess.

We flipped the puzzle over and covered the back in PVA glue before sticking a piece of coloured card over the back. We flipped it over again and made sure it was nice and square and all the pieces were stuck down then we mounted it onto another piece of card.

Little Mr then wrote a message from them "Without you there will be something missing" on a larger piece of card and decorated with jewels.

I thought it was a really cute way of showing her they would miss her and a great way to use those incomplete puzzles!

I'd love to know what other families do with their incomplete puzzles?

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