Monday, January 13, 2014

Learning to read - pebbles

With my Little People now being out of nursery and in full time Home Ed we have started to settle into a routine of sorts at home and it's really lovely! The Mr goes off to work and its PLAY TIME ermm I mean work time for The Little People and I. We have decided against a time table for our learning at the moment, learning is much more fun, and seems to work better for my littlies, if it is spontaneous and more naturally introduced than set times.

Today started with a slow wake up, cuddles in bed with a bit of naff morning TV on in the background, listening to the rain outside and thinking about what would be fun to learn today. Of course we got ourselves up and ready and downstairs still clueless about what was ahead for the day but soon enough Little Mr started asking questions about "planet Earth" so we went with a bit of fun geography. Out came the Orchard World Map puzzle, which Father Christmas kindly brought The Little People, and we set about putting it together while discussing the countries, continents, native animals and all the other wonderfully random things you talk about when children are in charge of the conversation.

By the time the puzzle was complete we had all learnt the continents and how to find the UK by looking at the other countries around it and by recognising the shape. It was a really fun activity to do together, especially since my geography is dreadful (seriously, the only subjects I dreaded teaching the kids were geography & math), we had to help each other work out where the each country should be positioned (see I told you I was bad!)

After lunch we opted for a chilled afternoon of literacy. Our local book & puzzle shop is closing soon so we nipped in on the weekend to grab a few new reading books. We settled down this afternoon to read a few of them and had a great laugh trying to think of new ways to recognise words and remember the spellings of them.

We grabbed our bucket of pebbles, that we collected at the weekend, and sat down together to talk about some words that The Little People felt they would like to learn to read. Since there is a year between them, Little Mr can recognise a few more words than Little Miss so we tried to make it fun and educational for them both. This is what we did....

So much fun! We had a look at the words, read them together many times then just had lots of fun making silly sentences. It produced a lot of laughs and Little Mr had learnt a few new words by the end of the activity!

Good days work I think, don't you?

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